Vassar College Newspaper Response

Results of Rally Contributions Tabulated–Exceeds $2,156

Vassar Chronicle, Volume XIV, Number 10, 1 December 1956

This article, on the front page of the Vassar Chronicle, announces the amount of money raised to support Hungarian students who fled to Austria, administered through the World University Service. This collection took place soon after the revolution occurred, so it appears that on the Vassar Campus there was immediate interest and willingness to support the fleeing refugees. The article announces that the collection is still open, and that part of the proceeds are being used to create a scholarship for students to come to Vassar.

International Ball Sat. Benefits Hungarians

Vassar Miscellany News, Volume XXXXI, Number 11, 5 December 1956

This article is on the front page of the Miscellany News, and gives the event details for an International Ball which is a fundraiser for Hungarian student scholarships that are being created. Financial assistance is still the main focus for the Vassar community.

Hungarian Student Speaks Here Sat.

Vassar Miscellany News, Volume XXXXI, Number 12, 12 December 1956

This article, again with an important front-page location, informs the Vassar Community about a Hungarian Student Activist Leader who was instrumental in the Revolution. Istan Lazslo comes to speak out against the oppressions in his country, as part of a tour of colleges in the United States. The paper highly recommends students attend this lecture. The Hungarian Refugee cause is still important to Vassar students, and they are engaging in multiple ways with the issue.

Hungarian Receives Vassar Scholarship

Vassar Miscellany News, Volume XXXXI, Number 14, 16 January 1957

A somewhat misleading title, this second page article describes the existing scholarship that can support one refugee student from Hungary to attend Vassar. The article explains that the scholarship has not yet found a suitable applicant, since many of the refugee students are men who want to study engineering, and most of the women are above college age. The author still expresses hope that a woman with eagerness to learn and adequate English will be found in time for second semester. There is interest now in supporting Hungarian Refugees beyond financial assistance to Europe.

25 Hungarian Girls See Vassar Campus

Vassar Miscellany News, Volume XXXXI, Number 15, 13 February 1957

This article, continuing the front-page news trend, discusses a trip of 25 Hungarian students from Bard who have come to tour Vassar, to get an idea of different types of schools around the country. The author expresses interest in bringing Hungarian students to Vassar, in addition to those who already attend it, saying that Vassar will be a welcoming community. There is no explicit mention of the Revolution or Refugee status.

While Cause Remains Hope Dies, States “Hungary Aflame”; Hungary’s Last Voice For Freedom Being Snuffed Out

Vassar Chronicle, Volume XV, Number 6, 26 October 1957

This article gives a summary of a film screening about the past and continuing struggles in Hungary, and the strains for those involved. The article calls out the Vassar community for losing interest in the lives of Hungarian refugees, and urges Vassar to recommit to supporting the refugees. This is one year after the Revolution takes place, and the article is located on the 5th page of the paper, so despite its message it does not take a primary position, showing how much the cause has lost steam.


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